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ELIMINATOR - 434 Small Block Ford (730HP)

Development of one of our many V8 engine packages.



ELIMINATOR - 434 Small Block Chev

Development of one of our many V8 engine packages. Dry sump oil system

not included and other parts may vary from this prototype.



434 "All Cleveland" Ford Eliminator -

With new Aftermarket Cleveland Block




393 Small Block Ford- Cleveland

Development of one of our many V8 engine packages.




363 Small Block Ford- Windsor

This combo is the same size as a standard 302 on the outside.

With a stroker crank and the bigger bore you get 363 cubes.




406 Small Block Chev




ELIMINATOR Plus - 434 Small Block Ford

With Raised Runner Cleveland Heads (785HP)




Blown 360 Chev

1000+ HP. Blown 360 c.i. SBC - 14.71 blower on the engine dyno.




CNC Block Machining Inhouse At Pavtek

The next Stage in Performance Engine building at Pavtek




Early LS1 Dyno

Early LS1 Gen III Stg2 H&C package engine development.





355 Stroker

Stage 5+ Holden 355 on the dyno.




Quick Capri

The PAVTEK Capri's quickest ever ET (7.44 seconds).




Slippery Capri

The Capri gets out of shape - but still manages another win!





60 Foot Wheel Stand

The Capri doing a 60 foot wheelstand. Fun times.